The Local Stranger

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“James Calemine’s heart and writing justify him being respected by anybody.” –Stanley Booth
Author of The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones, Rythm Oil, Keith: Til’ I Roll Over Dead and Red, Hot and Blue.

“James Calemine’s writing executes a perfect balance of soul to science, flourish to frankness, and imagery to movement. His writing reveals awareness of the intricacies of life–the human experience–with a “lifted” perspective.” –Eleanor Underhill, Underhill Rose

“It’s certainly not inappropriate to describe James Calemine as a rare poet, even when he’s working in prose…but ultimately the categories don’t matter. All that matters are the words themselves, and James’ words are high octane, electric, significant. I’ll go ahead and say it: He’s one of our great living American writers, and that’s a sure bet.” –Daniel Hutchens, Bloodkin

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